Proper Carpet Care and Maintenance. How Do I Maintain My Carpet ?

Carpet is soft. Carpet is warm. Carpet is comfortable. Carpet is a FABRIC.
Carpet can also be a pretty easy floor covering to maintain, if you know the right way to do so. Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your carpet looking great, and maintaining it’s optimum appearance for years.

First, according to most Manufacturer carpet care and maintenance information, you need to vacuum at least once a week, and more often – “as necessary in higher traffic areas”.
TIP: The carpet needs to be vacuumed in different directions to maintain optimum appearance. Like most people, you probably plug the vacuum in at the same plug every time and move away from that plug until you run out of cord, plug it in at the next plug location and move away from that plug until you run out of cord, etc, etc, etc. Change direction and plugs every other vacuuming and work backward from the previous vacuuming. This will help “lift” the carpet pile. High traffic areas may need vacuuming from multiple directions to maintain optimum appearance. When you start to notice “traffic patterns”, go against the carpet pile to help lift and maintain the pile and appearance.

You need to have the carpet PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED a minimum of every eighteen months (generally speaking) whether it “needs” it or not, or you will VOID any applicable warranties (check your specific Manufacturers guideline). Most Manufacturers recommend “Hot Water Extraction” or “Steam Cleaning” ONLY, by a certified carpet cleaner.
TIP: DO NOT USE the “rental carpet cleaning machines”, “self cleaning machines”, or let any carpet cleaner use any type cleaner with SOAPY cleaning agents. WHY? It is virtually impossible to get all the soap residue back out of the carpet. Soap molecules left in the carpet ATTRACT dirt molecules, which then stick to the carpet fibers. The carpet fibers then start sticking together because of the soap and dirt residue, almost acting like a glue. The result is termed “Carpet Matting”, which is pile crush in combination with entanglement of the carpet fibers and tufts. Once carpet matting occurs, it is hard if not impossible to correct, and generally NOT WARRANTED.

Most carpets currently produced have extended stain warranties. The stain warranties can be from the Manufacturer or sometimes from the actual fiber producer.
TIP: Know your carpet Manufacturer and fiber type. DO NOT USE ANY CLEANING AGENTS until you check the CARE AND MAINTENANCE STAIN GUIDES available for your specific carpet. There are different “remedies” and “recommendations”for DIFFERENT TYPE STAINS. Using non recommended cleaners or procedures can also VOID YOUR WARRANTIES. Also never “over wet” your carpet. Too much liquid can cause irreparable damage to the structural integrity of carpet.

KNOW YOUR CARPET. Make sure and follow the SPECIFIC MANUFACTURER GUIDELINES. Many of the carpet inspections I perform are maintenance related issues, which could have been prevented with proper maintenance. When PROPERLY MAINTAINED, a good quality carpet can retain an optimum appearance and life cycle.

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