Third Party Concrete Moisture Testing is becoming the SPECIFICATION, for GOOD REASON

Just an example of why more and more General Contractors are requiring and specifying third party ASTM 2170 certified concrete moisture testing. This is from an actual Client after Leah performed testing on a job site that was previously “self tested” by the flooring contractor:

“I was a pleasure working with you and watching you perform your test. If they would have used you in the first place i don’t think i would be in the current position.

If the flooring installers would use a third party such as yourself it would allow for real accurate test and another source to help determine the proper steps to take.
We rely on subcontractors to perform their trade and to be an expert on the materials they install.
After researching the  Manufacturers installation manual and reading the required test, we feel they left us wide open for failure.
After doing one of the five test that was stated they did not share the test results nor perform the test in accordance with the ASTM 2170. There was no map of the area, the three test minum was not done, they failed to verify the thickness of the slab.
We are aware that these test are only good for the time they where taken. Thats why the data needed to be shared and all parties, so all parties  can review and discuss the possibilities of the future.
We had quarry tile scheduled for the project when we started. The owner asked is there a better product than the quarry. We went and disussed this with  flooring installation company . They brought the flooring product to the table. Stating it is superior floor to the quarry and was worry free. We would not have to grout every couple of years and would not have to repair.
They brought another lady in to help and was at the job with Flooring Company’s Project Manager surveying the job during construction and appeared to be taking all the steps. Thought we were in good hands.
Well i was wrong about that!
We have some projects coming up now that require testing and it is in the subcontractors court again and part of their scope. There price for testing is right where your cost is listed below.
We will ask them to please consider using a professional third party and will pass on your infomation to them. We feel it is the best route for all parties.
We appreciate your service and look forward to working on future projects”.
With timelines, deadlines, and profits at stake, it can be easy to be unconsciously self serving and take shortcuts and unnecessary risks. Hire a Professional! We can help!

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